We serve a range of delicious food created from locally sourced ingredients where possible.

Kitchen open 12-2pm, 5-7:30pm
Curly fries and snacks all day

Curly fries $15

Fried Chicken Ribs $14

Loaded fries $21
With liquid cheese and maple bacon

Nachos $25
Corn chips topped with pepperoni bacon salsa, cheese and sour cream
+Avocado $3

Tacos (2) $20
Crispy cauliflower, shredded cabbage, refried beans, yum yum sauce*
*Gluten free option when requested (not for celiac)

Local Tawonga Baker Sliders

$12.50 for 1 or $25 with curly fries

Slow cooked pulled pork

American cheddar cheese, slaw, yum yum sauce

Cranky beef+chilli kabana patty

American cheddar cheese, cos lettuce, pickles, honey jalapeno sauce

Buttermilk chicken
American cheddar cheese, lettuce, sriracha mayo