Our Beers

Alpine Ale

A smooth, easy drinking beer that is often the first step for those venturing into the craft beer scene. There is enough malt character to make it interesting and the Galaxy hops add to the profile. A grain bill of pale, Munich and a touch of wheat malt puts more flavour into this beer than you would expect.

Kell’s Kolsch

Not quite an ale and not quite a lager. This “hybrid” beer is fermented at 15*C which gives it the cleanness of a lager but with some subtle ale characteristics. The Pilsener malt gives a light, grainy malt sweetness but with a crisp enough finish that it doesn’t seem sweet. Tettnang hops and a specific Kolsch yeast do the trick with this very drinkable beer.

Dangerous Dave’s Lager

A malty, smooth, rich beer that finishes clean because of the long lagering period at very low temperatures. Although it leans to the malt side the Tettnang hops ensure that it is not overly sweet. In a style similar to the Oktoberfest lagers with Bavarian Lager yeast fermented at low temperatures you will drink this in pints – not pots.


American Pale Ale with a good balance between the bitterness of the Amarillo hops and the malt sweetness from the pale and Munich malt which gives it the beautiful amber colour. Very drinkable.

Bruno’s Bitter (ESB)

English Special Bitter with a firm hop bitterness but lower hop character. Only the one hop is used – the classic English hop East Kent Goldings. The grain bill which includes crystal and caramunich malts gives a firm malt backbone which is complemented by the use of a British Ale yeast. 

Philthy Phil’s Porter

A roasty, complex, rich ale full of coffee and chocolate flavours. The roast malt taste from the black malt is carried by the bready, caramel flavours of the crystal and Munich malts. A firm bitterness from the East Kent Goldings and Fuggles hops makes this a drinkable, flavour bombshell.