About us

There's no place in the world like the valley. Sitting in the shadow of Mount Bogong, the "big fella", you sit back, listen to the ripple of the Kiewa River and feel the cool air sharpen your senses. You're sitting near the highest point of Victoria, in country pure as the water that runs off the mountains.

The soft, fresh mountain water is what gives the crisp notes to the beers that celebrate the region. We grew up here, we know the hot summers, the freezing winters and the colours that explode in autumn and spring. It's why the brewery sits right at the foothills of Mt Bogong and Falls Creek, where you can sit and drift away to your happy place with the people you want to spend more time with.

Enjoy an ale, enjoy a chat and enjoy the best of the valley has to offer. We'd love for you to tell us how much you enjoy them.